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Kdence Welcomes Republican Strategist Kathy Didawick as Strategic Partner

Kdence Welcomes Republican Strategist Kathy Didawick as Strategic Partner 

The firm consists of campaign professionals from across the country, dedicated to program and vendor management, strategic communications, and getting campaigns to victory. 

Political consulting firm Kdence welcomes known political expert and Republican strategist Kathy Didawick as a Strategic Partner.  

Starting off her career on Capitol Hill, Didawick served three members of the U.S. Senate for nearly 15 years including: U.S. Senator Paula Hawkins, U.S. Senator Don Nickles, and U.S. Senator Conrad Burns. Didawick was also a deputy assistant for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Her legislative affairs and political expertise led her to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, serving as the Vice President of Political and External Affairs. In her role, she managed and directed all political advocacy, PAC engagement, coalition, and third-party activities. She was also responsible for the organization’s Washington, D.C. government affairs budget and legislative strategies. 

“Kathy Didawick has a great passion for advocacy and politics and will bring an excellent perspective to the table,” said Kdence President John Stineman. “Her skillsets are wide, and her insight will serve our growing list of clients.”   

“Kathy’s political strategy and communication experience will be a huge asset to the team,” said Kdence Co-Founder Christine Stineman. “She is creative and effective in her work, and I am thrilled to see her tactics first-hand.”  

Didawick is enthusiastic about joining the driven, award-winning teams at Kdence and looks forward to what challenges and triumphs are ahead. With all her success in previous roles and current success in her Presidential role, she is thrilled to take on new projects as a partner. 

“I am proud to be working alongside individuals with impressive thought leadership abilities and the drive to go above and beyond for their clients,” Didawick said. “Our combined experience and assets will only contribute to more success along the way.”  

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